Borrowing Policies


Acquiring a Library Card: Applications to acquire a library card can be requested by speaking with the library staff at the circulation desk. To qualify for a library card, a person must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be over the age of 5-years-old.

Children’s library cards: Children interested in obtaining a library card must be over the age of 5 and be able to sign their first and last names. Parents and/or guardians will be asked to provide proof-of-residence that conforms to the below characteristics.


Proof-of-residence: When signing up for a library card, the Cannon Free Library requires that potential patrons provide proof of residence. Patrons may be assigned different profile statuses dependent on the documents provided for proof-of-residence.

Public: The following combination of documents will allow patrons to acquire a library card with a status of public with an unlimited number of check-outs.

  1. A current driver’s license with an address that matches the application.
  2. A driver’s license with a different address AND a bill for electric, internet, cable, water, etc. that matches the address on the application.
  3. A current passport AND a piece of mail that shows the patron’s name and matches the address on the application.

Limited: The following combination of documents will allow patrons to acquire a library card with a status of public with a check-out limit of 5 items.

  1. A current passport with NO proof of address (no mail).
  2. Mail that shows the patron’s name and matches the address on the application.
  3. Banking documents that shows the patron’s name and matches the address on the application.

Lost cards: Patrons who have lost their library card may receive a replacement card for the fee of $1.00 and the previous card will be marked as inactive.


Loaning Policy: The intention of our loaning policy is to allow all patrons to access a wide range of resources in a responsible way. We ask that each patron check-out resources on their own card and that a patron bring their card with them whenever possible. If a patron has neglected to bring their card, staff may look up the patron by first and last name. Patrons will be asked to verify phone number and/or address to ensure that the correct patron account is accessed. Limits on number of books/resources depend on user privilege profiles as defined above.

Books, audiobooks, and magazines: Books, audiobooks, and magazines can be checked out for a 3 week period. If they are Cannon Free Library’s materials and are not new releases, they can be renewed a total of one time by the patron via the online portal or by library staff without the physical presence of the book. After the first renewal, books must be brought to the library for any further renewal. If there is a hold list on the item, they cannot be renewed.

New items: New items cannot be renewed.

DVDs: All users are limited to 2 DVD checkouts at one time. DVDs can be checked out for a 1 week period. DVDs can only be renewed in person at the Cannon Free Library when the DVD is present.


Non-Circulating Collection: The Cannon Free Library has a number of items in its collection that do not circulate. These items include things but are not limited to: local history books, references materials, and materials of historical value. Patrons are allowed to view these items at the library during open hours, but may not check them out or remove them from the premises.

Materials of historical value: As a part of the non-circulating collection, the Cannon Free Library has items of considerable historical value, for example, original newspapers from the early 1800s, that patrons and researchers may view. To access a particular piece in this collection, researchers are encouraged to make an appointment with the library director who will make the necessary arrangements. If the materials are available on microfilm or are digitized, researchers will be asked to access the materials in this manner first.

Special requests: If a patron would like special permission to make use of these materials outside of normal library hours or outside of the library, the patron must:

  1. Be using the materials in conjunction with an event that benefits the community (i.e. a free, public, educational program).
  2. Make arrangement to ensure the safety of materials.
  3. Submit a proposal in writing, with all appropriate information, to the library director who will present it to the Board of Trustees for consideration. Proposals must be submitted at least one month prior to the event.

All requests will be considered, but the Cannon Free Library does not guarantee its ability to approve all such proposals. The requesting patron will receive written notification of the board’s decision.


Overdue Policy: If a patron exceeds $5.00 in overdue fees, patron check-out privileges will be suspended until the patron has made arrangements with the library to settle the account. This overdue policy remains the same across all libraries in the Four County Library System.

Books, audiobooks, and magazines: Patrons will be charged $0.10 per day for overdue books, audiobooks, and/or magazines.

DVDs: Patrons will be charged $1.00 per day for overdue DVDs.

Juvenile: Any materials marked “juvenile” are only charged $0.05 per overdue day.


Book-drop: All materials placed in the library book-drop after close of business will be back-dated for the previous day that the library was open. We ask that patrons refrain from returning overdue DVDs in the book-drop unless absolutely necessary.


ILL Policy: Through cooperation with the Four County Library System, patrons may request materials from other libraries in the system to be sent to the Cannon Free Library and checked out to their account. To request a book from another library, a patron may place a hold through the online portal provided by Four County Library System. The patron may also ask a library staff member to place a hold on materials for them.

  1. The Cannon Free Library receives holds from the ILL on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  2. Patrons requesting materials will be called the day their items arrive. If a patron has provided an email for their library account, they will receive an automated email notification.
  3. If items are not picked up within one week, the patron will be called a second time.

Items that are not picked up by patrons will be returned after two weeks.