Board of Trustees

Robbie Jean Rice, President

Matt Chambers, Vice President

Kathy Harby, Secretary

Sandra Gregory, Finance Officer

Board Members: Tom Austin, Jessica Backus-Foster, Mary Doig, James Haggerty, Kathleen Harby, Rachel James, Danielle Maguire

Board Meeting Schedule and Minutes

The Board of Trustees regularly meet on the 4th Tuesday, every other month, at 7PM. Board meetings are open to the public.

Meeting minutes will be posted with a link below as they are approved.

Annual MeetingAnnual MeetingAnnual MeetingAnnual Meeting
January 26January 21January 22January 23
March 23April 14March 26March 27
May 25May 26May 28May 22
July 20July 28July 23August 14
September 28September 22October 8October 2
November 23November 17November 19November 22

Long Range Plan

Annual Report to the Community

Proposed Budget

Board of Trustees Documents

Link for the Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State