EFL’S LONG RANGE PLAN 1/1/2021 – 12/31/2026

Vision Statement:

The Trustees, staff and volunteers of the Edmeston Free Library share a vision to create a Library/Community Center where all residents and visitors will be connected, enriched, and supported.

Mission Statement:

Our mission at the Edmeston Free Library is to provide equal community access to resources and services that engage people in self-directed and collaborative learning, community building and cultural enrichment.

EFL’S LONG RANGE PLAN 1/1/2021 – 12/31/2024

I.     Complete renovations of the Corts/Rutherford House by the end of 2024.

Completed Work as of 12/31/2022:

Structural Support (completed)

Asbestos Removal  (completed)

Roof Replacement  (completed)

Attic Electrical and Attic Insulation  (completed)

Porch Renovations.  (completed)

Septic (completed)

Completed 2022/2023 Work:

Electrical (completed)

ADA Bathroom Downstairs (completed)

 Half Bath upstairs (completed)

Chairlift to service both floors (completed)

Parking Area (completed)


2024 Work (Currently raising funds):

Strip Wallpaper

Specific demo and patching

Skim Walls and Ceilings

Paint Walls, Ceilings and Trim

Replacement of rotted windows

Removal of chimney and brickwork in the “café” room

New Shelving

New Outdoor Deck

HVAC System

Sprinkler System



Bilco Restoration

Belvedere Restoration

Installation of generator



II.     Maintain Funding for Renovations & Programs –

Complete NYS Library Construction Aid each year.

Apply to Different Grant Donors for funding throughout project.

Continue to improve our financial support for the building project through fundraising, grant-writing and community support.

Provide information of renovation progress through website, Facebook and written correspondence (community letter & Edmeston Central School letter).

Apply to different funders for monetary or in-kind support to accomplish our mission and goals.

III.      Improve library service to the public. Plan while new building renovations are being completed & implement once moved to the new building.

Computers – Provide high speed computer access to our community. Note: This plan cannot be satisfied in the current building due to space constraints.

  • Acquire 6-8 computers and a printer for public use.
  • Support their use with a knowledgeable person who can assist those who need help, trouble-shoot computer problems.
  • Provide classes to help those who are interested in specific computer skills.

Education Support –

  • In the current building, we will address this as requests come in for very small groups or single individuals.
  • Once in the new building continue to investigate, plan and implement the following:
    • Provide tutoring, music and art classes.
    • Regular programs to address interest of local patrons including genealogy, cooking, art, music, exercise, careers, college classes, workshops, adult literacy, and arts and crafts.

IV.    Social Support –Offer a place to gather in an open welcoming environment to chat with friends, read, get answers to questions, and enjoy.

  • Run regular children’s activities and story times. Coordinate with the after school and summer programs for kids to provide stories and books. 
  • With the new building, we plan to provide a coffee shop and kitchen to provide the community with a place to socialize and have occasional dinners, meetings and classes. This vision includes exercise classes, food preparation classes or clubs, book clubs, children’s activities and play areas, and more expanded programming.
  • Coordination with the Museum.
  • Increase Access – extend hours to meet the needs of working people.

In the new library, we envision increased use of volunteers and some paid time to support programs.  Currently, patrons have access to the books and materials of the greater Four County Library System. This allows the EFL to search holdings for the books and materials that our patrons need.

V.     Physical Space

In the new building, we will provide space for community needs. Our vision includes the following:

  • Community rooms for meetings and activities
  • Youth programs and computer areas
  • Tutoring spaces
  • Career support
  • More computers and computer assistance
  • Continuing Education
  • Space to make art and music
  • Movie nights
  • Cooking classes in our Health Dept. certified kitchen
  • Expanded children’s programming and a play area inside and outside
  • Café for coffee and goodies for patrons to purchase
  • Gardening opportunities
  • Adequate parking