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Spend a crafty afternoon at the library making some Taxidermy Animal Heads

Egg Carton Taxidermy!

Our free after-school craft program begins on Tuesday, May 4th, and will repeat on each first Tuesday of the month. All students grade K-8 are invited to drop in after 3pm, where we’ll supply materials, inspiration, and instruction to create a take-home artwork. Projects will be easily adaptable to varying ages and abilities.

Call the library (746-2662) to reserve your spot, today!

Our online Book Club “meets” every other month to discuss a previously chosen book.

Next book up: The Indigo Girl, by Natasha Boyd. If you’re interested and would like a copy of the book reserved in your name, please send an email to di.susan@4cls.org. There is no charge to participate–this enthusiastic book club attendee just uses a credit card as a bookmark.

Movies, eBooks, Audio Books and Music! The library has teamed up with Hoopla to expand your reading, viewing and listening opportunities–right from home or anywhere, on your preferred device.

Call the library with questions, or simply go to hoopladigital.com and discover the thousands of streaming possibilities.

CODING: Your power to run the modern world

Girls Who Code is an international non-profit organization working to close the gender gap in technology and change the image of what a programmer looks like and does. With their 7-week Summer Immersion Program, a 2-week specialized Campus Program, after school Clubs, and College Loops program, they are leading the movement to inspire, educate, and equip young women with the computing skills to pursue 21st-century opportunities.

Try these two Girls Who Code exercises: Digital Art Rules

And to further educate yourself, there’s Online Learning Through Coursera. This is a partnership between the New York State Department of Labor and Coursera which will provide New York residents with free “access to nearly 4,000 programs across high-growth industries … in data science, business, and technology. Many of these programs are pathways to certifications, professional certificates and can help elevate your career.”

Find it at the 4CLS.org website by clicking on “Research Center,” and then scrolling down to “Coursera.” Look for a link to request a no-cost account on the Dept. of Labor page.

Have you been wondering why your library records show that you have overdue books, when you know you already returned them?

Based on a growing understanding of how COVID-19 is contracted and spread, the 4CLS Steering Committee has required a quarantine of materials for three days.

Some context: In late October, 2020, the CDC announced that COVID-19 spreads most readily through close contact from person to person, including people who are within six feet of each other. The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads more efficiently than the influenza but not as efficiently as the measles (one of the most contagious diseases that affect people)It is not thought that touching surfaces is a common way that COVID-19 spreads

When asked by the state librarian for input on the quarantine issue, the NYS Department of Health referred to the reopening guidance for Phase 2.  Those guidelines do not reference quarantine of objects and no quarantine recommendation exists for New York’s libraries at this time.

The results of REALM Test 1 indicate that there was no recoverable virus for hardback book covers, paperback book covers, or DVD cases after one day of attenuation. After three days, plain paper pages and plastic protective covers had no recoverable virus. 

The scientists behind the REALM project have identified three “known unknowns”- things we don’t yet know about COVID-19 in relation to objects.

We don’t know:

·        how many virus cells an infected person will leave on an object

·        how many virus cells you can pick up from an object

·        how many virus cells are needed to cause infection

So, with the REALM project results being less conclusive than originally thought, and with these other factors under consideration, the Steering Committee has concluded that the best approach, until further information is learned, is to set the quarantine time for returned library materials to three days.

At home or on the road, give Flipster a try.

A fun Girls Who Code exercise might fit into your home schooling curriculum. Click on the girls to try it!

Click to Begin reading on your device with Libby

To leave a message or to request information, call 607-746-2662 or send an email to di.susan@4cls.org.


Cannon Free Library Named a Literary Landmark

2019 marks the 60th anniversary of Jean Craighead George’s classic novel, My Side of the Mountain. The novel was awarded as a Newbery honor book in 1960. The Cannon Free Library and its fictional librarian, Miss Turner, play important roles in the story, and the library often welcomes families visiting the area on self-made “My Side of the Mountain Tours.”

In 2005, the Library of Congress awarded My Side of the Mountain one of their “Great Reads about Great Places” and in 2016, the Empire State Center for the Book selected Jean Craighead George for the New York State Writers’ Hall of Fame. This brought Delhi, New York, to the attention of the Center for the Book’s director, Rocco Staino, who urged, and then assisted, Cannon’s youth services librarian Mary Pelletier in going through the steps to have the library named as a Literary Landmark.

The Board of Trustees and the staff of the Cannon Free Library held a celebratory reception on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 (incidentally, the 100th birthday of the late Ms. George!) to witness the unveiling of the cast bronze plaque in honor of the library’s Literary Landmark status. Light refreshment was served and various materials relating to Jean Craighead George and My Side of the Mountain were on display for examination.

Mr. Henry Cannon, a progressive benefactor born in Delhi in 1850, began his career at the Delaware National Bank of Delhi. Mr. Cannon founded two banks in Minnesota and was later appointed Comptroller of the Currency by President Arthur in 1884.

Almost a century later, our library is still supported by the Cannons. We do not receive any local tax dollars and we are delighted to continue the Cannon Legacy of service to the community.

We are open 4 days a week from April to October and open from 10:00-1:00 on Saturdays in the winter (November through March.)

To learn more about our lending/borrowing policies, click here. 

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Click on the following link to print out an application for a Cannon Free Library Card:  Library Card Application.

When shopping online, make your purchase through smile.amazon.com and a contribution will be made to the Cannon Free Library.