Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Springfield Library Board of Trustees and library staff are devoted to connecting you with the information you need to improve and enrich your life.

Library staff and volunteers make it possible for Springfield Library to bring resources, programs, and events to Springfield and the surrounding communities.

The library’s nine-member Board of Trustees is charged with ensuring that the library fulfills its mission in a fiscally and operationally responsible way. The board is governed by a set of bylaws, which is regularly reviewed and amended as needed.


Officers: Marilyn Marshall, President; Jonathan Miller, Vice-President; Carlin Thompson, Secretary

Trustees: Dennis Dorn, Cheryl Zamelis

2021 Meeting Minutes

2021-11-17 Special Meeting

2021-03-26 Special Meeting

2021-03-10 Special Meeting

2021-02-10 Special Meeting

2021-01-13 Quarterly Meeting

2020 Meeting Minutes

2020-11-12 Special Meeting

2020-10-15 Quarterly Meeting

2020-09-17 Special Meeting

2020-08-20 Special Meeting

2020-07-21 Quarterly Meeting

2020-06-23 Special Meeting

2020-03-14 Special Meeting

2020-02-20 Special Meeting

2020-01-09 Quarterly Meeting

2019 Meeting Minutes

2019-12-12 Special Meeting

2019-10-24 Quarterly Meeting

2019-09-05 Special Meeting

2019-07-22 Quarterly Meeting

2019-06-20 Special Meeting

2019-05-23 Special Meeting

2019-04-22 Quarterly Meeting

2019-03-07 Special Meeting

2019-01-14 Quarterly Meeting

2021 Board Meeting Schedule: 7:00 P.M. in the Springfield Library on the following Wednesdays: 

January 17

February 10

March 10

April 14

May 12

June 15

July 14

August 11

September 15

October 13

November 10