Springfield Library

Springfield Center, New York

SPRINGFIELD LIBRARY is seeking a new Library Manager. The ideal candidate will be a welcoming person with strong interpersonal skills and a passion for the importance of the library in the community. This individual will display initiative and good judgment in establishing harmonious working relationships with staff, volunteers, the library board, local government, and local community organizations.

They will be responsible for the administration and day-to-day management of the library, performing and overseeing routine library tasks, assisting patrons in using library tools, the online catalog, online databases, and manage the maintenance of library materials, library appearance, and library resources. They will provide adult, children, and young adult programming and perform specialized tasks related to providing reference services for all ages. They will work closely with the Board to develop a budget, develop the Annual Report to the Community, and engage in fundraising activities and grant applications. They will administer policies established by the Board and will report library activities and statistics to the Board.

Requirements: at least two-years of college study, library experience, and a working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel.

Desirable skills: knowledge of current library management practices and the ability to manage library collections and programs to meet the evolving needs of the community.

The position is for 20 hours per week at a rate of $18.00-$20.00 per hour. Please submit resume to springfield.4cls@yahoo.com. A full job description is below.

Library Manager Job Description

Springfield Library is seeking a community-oriented, highly organized, enthusiastic individual to serve as Library Manager. This position interacts extensively with the Springfield Library Board of Trustees, local government, community businesses and organizations, library patrons, and all library staff to create harmonious relationships.

The library is part of the Four County Library System, a cooperative association of 42 public libraries working together to improve library services to residents of Broome, Chenango, Delaware, and Otsego Counties.

This Library Manager oversees all library services and reports directly to the Board of Trustees.


The Library Manager balances multiple priorities including but not limited to the following:

• Responsible for administration and day-to-day management of the library, performing routine library tasks including check-in, check-out, shelving, and assisting patrons in using library tools

• Administers policies established by the Board, makes policy recommendations to the Board, and participates in the Board’s periodic review of library policies

• Recruits, hires, and trains staff and volunteers, and training of new employees, coordinating the continued training and development of staff members

• Responsible for the integrity, completeness, and accessibility of library records

• Responsible for maintenance of library materials, library appearance, and library equipment

• Oversees continuous development of relevant library materials and programming services for adults, children, and young adults

• Responsible for coordinating the Summer Reading Program

• Makes purchases in accordance with the operating budget, forwards invoices/bills and checks/other income to the Treasurer

• Attends Board of Trustees meetings and advises the Board on matters relating to library operation; collaborates with the Board in presenting library matters to the Town Board and other agencies

• Submits concise written monthly reports of library activities and statistics to the Board, submitting other reports as needed, such as the New York State Annual Report and Summer Reading Program Report

• Maintains the library website and other social media, keeping the Board and community informed of library projects and programs using flyers, press releases, email, and social media

• Coordinates with the Town of Springfield and other community organizations to provide library services

• Works closely with Four County Library Services, attending required meetings and training events

• Alerts the Board about training events to fulfill the Trustee training requirements

Works with the Board to:

Assess needs and set the annual budget

• Schedule and implement fundraising activities

• Identify grant opportunities, assist with grant applications, and the administration of grants

• Create an Annual Report to the Community

• Develop a long-range plan, ensuring objectives/goals are reflected in the library’s daily operation; and collect data needed to measure the success of the long-range plan

• Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of services and programs in relation to community needs

Education and Experience Requirements

Two-year degree or more, preferably in Library Science, Teaching, or a related field

• Experience working within libraries

• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel

Please apply by October 18, 2023


Springfield Library

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Springfield Center, NY 13468

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