Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Clue #1

***There will one clue for adults, and one clue for children each day for a total of five days.

How to play: Solve the clue, find the object, take a photo of it and upload it under the post matching this one on our Facebook page. One adult and one child will be chosen at random each day to win a prize!

Adults: Though I may be old and worn, you still hold on to me. Am I pristine or am I torn? Put me on and see! One, two, three and now you’re in! You feel the gentle tug, of all the times you had with me, your own personal hug.

Kids: You’ve carried me around with you on most of your adventures. I’ve chased bad dreams away at night and been one of your greatest treasures.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt Starts Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow we will be running a five day virtual scavenger hunt! One “clue” will be posted every day for kids, and one for adults. A winner in each group will be randomly chosen to receive a prize daily!

Some Writing Prompts

We all know reading helps us escape the real world, but what about writing? It can also be a good release! Are you or your child(ren) keeping a journal? This is something that’s never happened to us before, and it would be interesting to look back in future years to see your/their thoughts and feelings about this time.

Or, if your kid is more of a creative writer, here are some children’s writing prompts:

For Teens!

A few fun places for teens to virtually “hang out.”

A Poem For You From Us

To Our Fairview Patrons

My telephone rings and I want to say,
“Fairview Library! How are you today?”
But I’m not at the library
Snug at my desk
Surrounded by books
Helping people all day…
Instead I am home missing your faces,
Hoping books take you to far off places!
Yes you can use Four County’s site,
Or our WiFi,
From the safety of
Some nearby spaces.
And yet I know it’s not the same. We have…
A kindly face with a story and laugh,
A cookbook club, story time, or kid’s craft!
But home is best,
For it is the safest.
Stay well, from all the Fairview Staff!!