We are not accepting book donations at this time

**Please note: we are NOT accepting book donations at this time! This includes leaving boxes of books on our porch (which there are signs asking people not to do), and dropping bags of them inside the library.

You can help us clear more room by stopping in and buying some of the awesome books for sale in our lobby! 😊 Tell a friend! They make fabulous gifts and stocking stuffers, and we have a great variety**

We are always grateful to people for wanting to save/share books (we understand—really!) and for thinking of us, but we have absolutely no room to store extra books right now. Please find other ways to share your books with those who might need them.

Here are some ideas (with the exception of “local libraries”) for you to try in the link below. And as always, before showing up with books at a charity or business, it’s a good idea to call ahead and make sure they are needed there. Even thrift stores are often overrun with book donations, so please call in advance!

20 Places to Donate Used Books

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