Board of Trustees

The Fairview Library Board of Trustees meets the second Thursday of every month. For 2020, these dates include:

Jan. 9; Feb. 13; Mar. 12; Apr. 9; May 14; June 11; July 9; Aug. 13; Sep. 10; Oct. 8; Nov. 12 and Dec. 10.

The members of the Fairview Public Library Board of Trustees include:

Elie de Comminges
Term ends: 3/10/2020 (Second Term)

Steve Finkel
Term ends: 12/31/2020 (First Term)

Joyce Gray
Term ends: 4/30/2021 (First Term)

Dean Hunter
Term ends: 4/7/2020 (Second Term)

Connie Jeffers — President
Terms ends: 9/30/2021 (Second Term)

Agnes Laub
Term ends: 8/31/2020 (fulfilling first term)

Julia Marks — Secretary
Term ends: 10/8/2022 (First Term)

Artie Martello — Vice President
Term ends: 4/30/2021 (First Term)

Ingrid van der Leeden
Term ends: 4/30/2021 (First Term)