Writing Challenge

(Miss Cherie’s Kittys, Storm on the left and Marble on the right.)

Hello, everyone! This challenge is designed to make us find the positive in this situation. This morning I wrote a piece…not quite poetry and not quite a story, that encompasses a sort of fantasy-fied view of the situation generated by this virus.

So, I challenge you to create a poem, short story, or even a drawing for the young ones, highlighting something you have found a new love for, or that has been awakened in your life by this situation. Please post your responses on our facebook page where this post will also be.

My piece:

The eyes of children and pets see everything; their hearts wish for something more.
“Play with me.” “Don’t look at your phone!” “Can we go for a bike ride together?”
The constant reply, “Just a minute. I’m reading/posting/sending something.”
A minute turns to several, then to hours, and the child (or pet) gives up, defeated.
A late night wish upon a star-more time together filled with love and joy-the understanding that our time together is precious and short.
And Mother Nature, loving her children, acquiesces in the only way she knows.
She strikes hard and fast, bringing the world to its knees and forcing them to stay home.
The children, the pets, now snug and at home with their families, enjoying the love, the cuddles, the walks, and crafts, can excuse what time is used on screens.
For now screens are now necessary to keep the world flowing, but in close quarters creativity abounds.
Our babies are playing and laughing and building, with those they needed most all along.

by Miss Cherie

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