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Here at the William B. Ogden Free Library there are many wonderful things that you can borrow.

What do you need to do to have access to all of these resources?

Get a library card!

There is no cost to sign up, just bring your proof of ID & residence to the library.

Ogden Borrowing Policy Guidelines

Item Type          Limit you can borrow            Loan Period          Times you can Renew

New Books                       2                                 3 Weeks                         0 Times

Books                               5                                 3 Weeks                         2 Times

DVD / VHS                        2                                 1 Week                           0 Times

Audio Books                     2                                 3 Weeks                         0 Times

CDs                                  2                                 3 Weeks                         0 Times

Periodicals                       2                                 3 Weeks                         0 Times