How Can You Help

If you want to show your local library some love, there are several ways that you can help.

Use the Library

Come to our programs, check out some books or a movie, sign-up for a library card, have your committee meetings here, or use our public computers.  We like to see people in the library, and it is helpful when you use our services.

Monetary Gifts / Donations

Anything helps, whether it is that extra quarter or a planned gift.  We appreciate any support.


Fundraiser Items

We do have some items available for sale where all proceeds go to the William B. Ogden Free Library. Ask a staff member for these items at the main circulation desk.

bag                        cookbook

Book Bag: $1.00                                   Cookbook: $10.00


Book Donations

We do accept book donations at the library. These may go into our circulation supplies for patrons, be shared in our local Little Free Libraries, or be added to our Book Sale Inventory. We also accept other items including DVDs, Audiobooks, Music CD’s and some VHS tapes.


book sale

Book Sales

We have book sales throughout the year. The prices are very reasonable and all proceeds benefit the William B. Ogden Free Library.  These are advertised on our Facebook page, website, in the newspaper, and on the radio. Be sure to stop in and show your support. If you are looking for a truly unbeatable deal, watch for our closing up bag sales.



From shelving books on a day to day basis, sorting donations, or setting up and tearing down for book sales it never hurts to have an extra hand. If you are interested in volunteering at the library, ask to speak to our Director.