New Berlin Library Board Meeting Minutes for September 28, 2022

In attendance:

George Anderson, President

Darla Smith, Vice President

Donna Wells, Treasurer

Jill Robinson, Trustee

Alan Fairbrother, Trustee

Lynn LaValley, Trustee

Also in attendance: Michelle Priola, Director

Not in attendance

Angelica Schmidt, Secretary

Start time: 6:03 pm End Time: 6:43 pm

George Anderson calls the meeting to order at 6:03 pm.


Bills approved and signed for September. George Anderson made a motion to approve the September bills and it was seconded by Darla Smith. Motion passed 6-0.


July organizational meeting minutes approved. Motion made by Lynn LaValley and seconded by George Anderson. Motion passed 5-0. Darla Smith abstained.

Treasurer’s Report:

Donna handed out and reviewed the Balance Sheet and the Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual.

Discussion on Program Income decrease.

Discussion regarding minimum wage potential increase.

Donna informed board that Tax Cap had been filed and that the library would not seek a tax increase in 2023.

Donna discussed a failed bank transfer and the measures taken by NBT to forgives charges incurred.

Discussion regarding credit card fraud that occurred on the NBT library credit card and the reversal of charges requested and approved by NBT. Discussion of changing credit card companies and Amazon ceasing their Corporate Line of Credit service.

Director’s Report:

Book sale set for October 3-28 with prices at $1 per bag.

The terms on Jill Robinson’s and Donna Wells’ seats are both up as of 12/31/22. Nominations will be held in November and elections in December. Ballot box opened at December Special Meeting. Special organizational meeting set for December 28 at 6 pm.

Library had 64 children register and 27,120 minutes read during the Summer Reading Program.

Piano tuned on 9/20 for $125 and budgeted to Perkins.

Discussion regarding changing fax prices.

Discussion regarding the lowering of fines on books and DVDs.

Discussion regarding the national increase in book challenges and review of suggested policy and forms.


Director discussed inventory of storage on third floor of library, specifically the glass cupboards in the office and the drawers in the front storage room.

Old Business:


New Business:

Motion made to no longer charge for “1-800” number faxes. Flat rate of $2.00 for all other faxes. Motion made by Darla Smith and seconded by Lynn LaValley. Motion passed 6-0.

Motion made to reduce book fine 10¢ and DVDs to 25¢. Motion made by Donna Wells and seconded by Lynn LaValley. Motion passed 6-0.

Motion mode to adopt challenged Book Policy and Form. Motion made by George Anderson and seconded by Darla Smith. Motion passed 6-0.

Discussion of need for library volunteer policy. Request made by Jill Robinson to have director contact our insurance carrier regarding liability regarding minor volunteers.

Close Meeting:

Motion made to close meeting at 6:43 pm by Donna Wells seconded by Lynn LaValley . Motion passed 6-0.