New Berlin Library Board Meeting Minutes for May 30th 2018

In attendance:

George Anderson, President

Darla Smith, Vice President

Donna Wells, Treasurer

Angelica Schmidt, Secretary

Lynn LaValley, Trustee

Lori Wilson, Trustee

Also in attendance: Michelle Priola, Director

Start time: 6:00 End Time: 6:57 pm

George Anderson calls the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

April and May Bills:

Bills passed around to Board members and signed. Darla made a motion to approve February and March bills seconded by Donna Wells motion passes 6-0.

Treasurer’s Report:

Donna Wells reviews the balance sheet as of February 28, 2019 as well as the Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual sheets from January through February 28, 2019 . Donna further explained the staggering of the CDs and their interest rates. Motion made to pay Serv Pro insurance deductible made by Darla Smith and seconded by George Anderson, passed 6-0.

Director’s Report:

Michelle discussed the 3 grant checks that were receive this month totaling $1615 and the projects started to fulfill the obligations associated with each of the grants.

Michelle and Renee will be having a booth at the Family Fun and Healthy Living Night at UV on 3/29.

The May book sale is canceled and the decision to hold a book sale this year will be re-evaluated in the fall.

Discussed the Summer Reading Program and the theme “A Universe of Stories”.

Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for April 20 is canceled due to library repairs.

Perkins Performance Series update was given and signed performers reviewed.

Sexual Harassment training requirement was discussed. Online training information is going to be shared by Lynn LaValley and investigated by Donna Wells.

Colorscape Art class to be taught by Lori Wilson at the library discussed.

Spring Tea is still being held on 5/4 at 2 pm. Flowers were ordered from Perfect Solution.

Using the Synergy Group from UV to help with the Baby Room renovations was discussed.

Increasing checkout limits for books from 10 to 20 was discussed. Motion made by Lynn LaValley and seconded by Donna Wells, motion passed 6-0.

Radiator Insurance claim update given (see attached report).

Motion made close meeting made by Donna Wells seconded by Alan Fairbrother , motion passed 6-0.