The basket contains:
18 Piece Barbecue Tool Set, Plastic Table Cloth, Marshmallows, 2 Barbecue Sauces, Mustard & Ketchup, Wooden Skewers, Silicone Oven Mitt, Metal Tongs, Salad Utensils, Biodegradable Plates, Bottle of Chardonnay White Wine, The Barbecue Bible Cookbook, Reusable Ice Pack Stainless Steel Skewers, 2 Grill Mate Seasoning packs 2 Grill Baskets,
Refillable Ketchup and Mustard Bottles, Cloth Napkins, 2 Grill Cleaning Tools, Citronella candle, and 15x14x10 Cloth Red and White Basket.

Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.

The drawing will be held after The Dirt Road Express Band’s Perkins Memorial Concert. The winner does not have to be present to win. *Must be 21 to enter.