2019 Summer Reading Program

“A Universe of stories” is the theme for our annual Summer Reading Program. Each Thursday afternoon, from 1-3 pm, for four Thursdays, starting July 11th, we will meet for a time of reading and fun.

Here are the programs for this summer:


July 11 – Juggler and Unicyclist Will Stafford- Our program starts off with Will Stafford, juggler and unicyclist who will be on hand to amaze you with his unique talents.


July 18- Professor Klutzo- Professor Klutzo will “educate” you with his fun facts about the moon, ventriloquism and more….


July 25 – Magic by Michael- We welcome back Magic by Michael who has some new tricks up his sleeve to wow you to the moon and back.


August 1- “Build Your Own Rocket” with the Kopernik Observatory- Join us for a far-out adventure with the Kopernik Space Center and learn about space… Make your own Air rock to launch.


Summertime is reading time, check out some of our new books for fun and enjoyment. Do your own thing and check out our space-themed books….or learn something new about famous people, inventors, singers or whatever you want.

Questions? Call us at (607)-639-1212.