Libraries Rock! – 2018 Summer Reading Program

“Libraries Rock!” is this year’s topic for our annual Summer Reading Program. Each Thursday afternoon, from 1-3 pm, in the month of July, we will meet for a time of reading and fun.

Here are the programs for July:


July 5 – Magic by Michael- By popular demand, Magic by Michael will kick off this year’s program. You may be able to learn a few tricks along the way.


July 12- Professor Klutzo- Professor Klutzo tours the world of music with interesting instruments such as: the mandolin, balalaika, banjo, ukulele, harmonica, and tiple. Come see his old time gramophone as well as his magic tricks and his ventriloquism.


July 19- “Snakeman” Dan Chase- “Snakeman” Dan Chase will present an entertaining program with snakes and reptiles.


July 26- 4H Fun with Crafts, Refreshments, with Reading Awards and Prizes.

Children and caregivers are welcome to attend.

Questions? Call us at (607)-639-1212.

Summertime is reading time for everyone!