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Meet the staff


Vina Byrne, Clerk

I have lived in Walton for 23 years and worked in the library for 22 of them.  I have been married for 51 years.  One of my main interests is caring for my six animals.  I LOVE to read and scrapbook!  My favorite book is a true crime story titled "An American Tragedy" by Theodore Dreiser."  I love working in the library!  Our library is so beautiful, has such a nice environment, and there is always something to learn.  I also enjoy visiting with our patrons who talk with me about their families.

Kerry Hart, Clerk/Processing

I have worked in the library for twelve years.  I enjoy laughing and chatting with the patrons about books and current events.  My favorite things to read are romance and about art, but I love everything else too!  I love reading and learning, so getting to help others experience these things in the library is special to me.  We have so many awesome resources for people to take advantage of and I just love to help people find what they are looking for or even discover a new interest.

Anna Sulger, Genealogy

I have been with the library for 48 years and have done it all from helping check books and DVDs in and out, receiving holds from other libraries, to helping patrons research their genealogy and our local history.  I enjoy meeting new people at the library.  I especially like to see young children using the library because I've seen their parents and sometimes even grandparents in the library.  It is really great that generations upon generations of families have utilized this resource.  The library is here for everyone, but right now I am focusing mostly on our history resources. I love the history part of our library, and enjoy looking up information about our community and the families who live here.  Stop in and ask me about that big boulder on our lawn, white rock, the church, the school, our theatre, or why certain places are named what they are. I will be happy to talk with you.

April Epps,  Children's Librarian / Clerk

I have recently joined the team as our Children's Librarian, and I'm very excited to be here! I love reading, learning and watching children's eyes light up as they learn new things. My favorite genre to read is romance, but I will read anything that captures my attention. With our vast resources and programs available to our community free of charge, I look forward to meeting new patrons and helping everyone's knowledge grow.

Susan Frisbee,  Library Director

Into my third year as the library's director, and I still manage to mangle the occasional hold request at the circulation desk. I obviously need more hours of front desk time to practice, but more often than not, my job keeps me in my office and running here and there around the library, attending to various matters. I read all the time--mostly fiction, art books and newspapers. My guilty pleasure genre: time travel fiction.  I also paint in watercolor and oil paints. I have a widespread thirst for knowledge and it makes me happy to be a part of an institution that promotes learning and curiosity and creativity, and is free and open to everyone regardless of age, wealth, race, religion, orientation or political affiliation. Please feel free to ask for me when you visit the library--I'm eager to meet you.

Other Key Players

Sheryl Edwards, Business Manager

Steven Condon, Maintenance & Custodial

William B. Ogden Free Library Board of Trustees:

Robbie Jean Rice, President

Kathy Harby, Vice President

Judy Wildenstein, Secretary

Jim Haggerty, Treasurer

Jimmy Kane

Sandra Gregory

Glenn Miller

Linda Preiser

Hillary Raketic

Suzanne Winghart

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