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Book Club: We Need Readers!

Have you ever read a book that resonated with you (or that you hated!) and you just wanted to talk about it?  Preferably, with someone else who'd read it, too. Our Library's Book Club meets roughly every other month to discuss the book that we've all read over the last three to six weeks--a book chosen and borrowed from the library system's book club kits of a dozen books in a box.  We invite you to join us this month (WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28 AT 7PM) to discuss "The Secret Scripture"...an epic story of family, love, and unavoidable tragedy from the two-time Man Booker Prize finalist. Now a major motion picture starring Rooney Mara. +++You still have time to read the book before the meeting! Come in today to pick up your copy!+++ Sebastian Barry's novels have been hugely admired by readers and critics, and in 2005 his novel A Long Long Way was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. In The Secret Scripture, Barry revisits County Sligo, Ireland, the setting for his previous three books, to tell the unforgettable story of Roseanne McNulty. Once one of the most beguiling women in Sligo, she is now a resident of Roscommon Regional Mental Hospital.

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