Willow Workshops

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Spoon Basket – Using a supplied wooden mold, a slath of rods will be made and secured through a threaded insert to the bottom of the mold. Weaving will then progress up the mold with a simple border and handle.

A joy to hang on a wall for wooden spoons.

Lanterns – Using willow sticks and half-inch masking tape, an armature for the lantern shape will be made by participants. Then using a white glue mix with large coffee filters, the lantern will be covered and decorated. An LED light will be secured in the lantern. 

Sciathog – This classic Irish potato straining frame basket starts with a prepared and dried hoop. Students will place the first set of ribs using God’s Eye weaving. Randing weave continues from each side as the other sets of ribs are progressively inserted. A range of naturally processed and colored willows allow students to experiment with design variations. 

Holiday Ornaments – This workshop will be focused on the making of several woven holiday ornaments, including trees, reindeer, bells and stars.