New Books and Toys

We are delighted to announce the following additions to our children’s collection:

Hush, Little Bunny by David Ezra Stein:  “Hush, Little Baby” is a lullaby that parents have sung to their children for generations.  Here, it has been reimagined, featuring an irresistible papa bunny and his little one.  This is a tender ode to unconditional love and the beauty of the natural world, perfect to share with your bunny.

Thank you, Omu! by Oge Mora:  Everyone in the neighborhood dreams of a taste of Omu’s delicious stew!  One by one, they follow their noses toward the scrumptious scent, and one by one, Omu offers a portion of her meal.  Soon the pot is empty.  Has she been so generous that she has nothing left for herself?  (“Omu”—pronounced AH-moo—is the Igbo term for “queen.”)  This is a heartwarming story of sharing and community.

Toys:  two different 3D brain-bender puzzles.