New Children’s Books

We are happy to announce the following additions to our children’s book collection, all selected by the Junior Library Guild:

Linda Ashman, William Wakes Up:  William (a boy) and his animal friends have had the whole winter to nap.  Now it’s time for them to wake up and welcome a very special guest.  There’s lots to do to get ready, from scrubbing the floors to baking a tasty treat.  But it’s so hard to leave a cozy bed….

Stacy McAnulty, Sun!: One in a Billion:  Sun is a yellow dwarf star and a huge space lover.  The center of the solar system, he’s surrounded by eight planets, the Kuiper Belt, the Oort Cloud, and numerous dwarf planets (including Pluto).  This is Sun’s story, entertaining and informative.  He makes learning fun!

Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel, The Donkey Egg:  Bear doesn’t want to work on his farm.  He’d rather sleep all day.  Good thing Fox knows exactly what Bear needs—a donkey!  And Fox just happens to have a donkey egg that’s almost ready to hatch.  But wait!  Donkeys don’t come from eggs….  Is Bear in for a surprise?