Library Dragon

I visited the Earlville Free Library last fall and admired their dragon. I was told by Director Shari Taylor that the dragon’s mission at Earlville was coming to an end and would it be welcome at the Smyrna Public Library? Of course, I said ‘yes’! So, the dragon has flown to Smyrna to start a new adventure. This dragon is big, multicolored, and designed for children to ride; in fact, a child rode it on its first day here. (The dragon is also making friends with our rocking horse, Yankee Doodle.) Now, I feel that such a magnificent creature deserves a name, and I am hoping that the folks who come to our library will come up with some suggestions. I will let the readers of this column know what name fits the dragon best. And, you might like to check out the book “The Library Dragon” by Carmen Agra Deedy, or play with our dragon puppet.

Big Changes Afoot

Smyrna Public Library is undergoing automation.

For our library, automation means:

  • Our collection will be accessible online, so patrons will be able to search for their favorite authors.
  • This transformation will bring some inconvenience during implementation. Some items may be temporarily unavailable for checkout.
  • All current Smyrna Library cardholders will now need a Four County Library System card. Sign-up for this can happen at our own library.
  • Our staff is ready to help you at this time of change. Our expectation is that, in due course, these changes will improve your library experience.