Program Featuring Members of the Hamilton Fortnightly Club

On Tuesday, May 16, at 6:30 p.m., three members of the Fortnightly Club of Hamilton, N.Y., will present papers they have researched and written.  There are many active Fortnightly Clubs around the country, created originally to form intellectual communities for women at a time when higher education was inaccessible to them; Hamilton’s club was founded in 1894.  (Colgate University is now coed, but it was an all-male institution for most of its history.)  The topics and presenters for May 16th are:  “Letchworth Park” by Barb Coger; “Weather, Earthquakes, and Other Natural Phenomena” by Suzanne Farrington; and “Shedding Some Light on the Sun and the Moon” by Diane Harmon Needham.  Please come out to the Smyrna Public Library for a rewarding evening.

Letchworth ParkEarthquake DiagramSun and Moon