Pictures from Parkinson’s

Tim Welch is a local artist who only started painting after his early diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. Tim discovered an interest and desire to create art from the world that surrounds him.
Tim uses his art to help raise money for research in Parkinson’s Disease.

The library is excited to have Tim join us for a signing of his new book, “Pictures From  Parkinson’s” as well as a display of his artwork.

Saturday, February 29th
Richfield Springs Public Library

Tim’s book sells for $15/copy.

Artwork by Elena Melko

For the next two months Elena Melko’s astonishing artwork will adorn the mantle at the library. Elena studies art at the Serov Institute of Art and is an art restorer. In her free time Elena copies famous pieces of art- almost flawlessly! Come and see some of Elena’s originals and copies today!

Board Meeting

The library will be having a quick board meeting on Monday, February 4, 2019 at 3:45 p.m. All are welcome.