New Berlin Library Board Meeting Minutes March 29th, 2023

In attendance:

George Anderson, President

Darla Smith, Vice President

Donna Wells, Treasurer

Jill Robinson, Trustee

Alan Fairbrother, Trustee

Also in attendance:

Michelle Priola, Director

Abigail Magrath

George Anderson calls the meeting to order at 5:55pm.

Michelle introduces Abigail Magrath to the board.  The board welcomes Abigail.

Donna Wells nominates Abigail Magrath to the trustee seat vacated by Lynn LaValley, seconded by Darla Smith.  Motion carries 6-0.  This term expires December 31st of 2023.

All current bills due are passed around and initialed by board members. 

George Anderson makes a motion to approve all current bills and the minutes from the last board meeting, seconded by Darla Smith. Motion carries 7-0.

Treasurer’s Report

Donna Wells hands out a copy of the Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual sheet from January through February 2023, the Balance Sheet as of February 28th, 2023, and the Profit & Loss Budget Overview from January through December 2022.  The board members review the sheets.

Donna requests from the board agreement that to save on copies, the treasury report sheets listed above not be copied for every board member unless requested.  Board in agreement.

Donna also mentions that she will put $100,000 in CDs into NBT at 4.25% interest.

Donna mentions that sometime this year QuickBooks will have to be paid for using the library budget.  Michelle mentions that purchasing the 2023 desktop version for Donna will remain more affordable than hiring a treasurer.

Donna Wells requests approval to get rid of the library’s sales tax ID number as the last time it was used was to sell the Wilbur books years ago.

George Anderson makes a motion to get rid of the library sales tax ID number seconded by Jill Robinson, motion carries 7-0.

Donna Wells mentions that she is currently working on the 990 form.

Director’s Report

Michelle announces that a goodwill donation will be held for all garage sale type items currently in the library’s possession.  This will take place June 12th through 17th to align with Village of New Berlin Garage Sale Day. It will be manned by library staff during regular business hours to avoid additional operating expenses or the need for board members to volunteer.

Bill McLaughlin would like to exhibit his photography in the Community Room throughout the month of July with a reception to either launch or finish the exhibit event.  Details will be discussed as the event draws near.  General discussion to launch this after the 4th of July.

Michelle announces the $750 Stewarts Holiday Match grant money and theme of the Summer Reading Program “All Together Now”.

Michelle announces that Nancy Beardslee has donated 199 antique books to the library collection.  To accommodate this addition Michelle has selected 2 bookshelves to occupy the New York room.  Board in agreement that this should not exceed more than $500.  Michelle states that it will most likely be around $395.

Michelle announces that 24 children have registered for the Easter Egg Hunt within the week that the registration form was made available at the circulation desk.  The Easter Egg Hunt is all set for April 8th at 3:00pm.  Discussion regarding adding a second Easter Egg Hunt time slot next year.

The Jellybean guessing contest has garnered great public response. All items for this event were donated to the library.

Michelle hands the Annual Report Summary form to the trustees and explains the outline and answers general inquiries.  She states there is a copy of the full report available upon request at the library.

Painting of the library will be underway soon.  The library will close during the lead paint abatement portion of the work to avoid health risks to patrons and employees.

Perkins Performance Series is mostly booked, and Hyde Park can be used again this year for the concerts.  George is currently working on finding a 5th performer for the concert series.

Spring tea will be held May 13th.  A performer for this event may be sponsored by the New Berlin Art Forum if all aligns well.

Michelle has agreed to open the library on the afternoon of May 6th so that a local boy scout troop can include the library in their historic hike.

In honor of April being poetry month Michelle has chosen a theme of ‘black out poetry’ and provided templates for patrons to create their own black out poetry.

Michelle announces the next meeting will take place on the last Wednesday in May.

George Anderson makes a motion to close the meeting at 6:40pm seconded by Jill Robinson. Motion carries 7-0.