New Berlin Library Minutes for July 27th 2022

In attendance:

George Anderson- President

Angelica Schmidt, Secretary   

Alan Fairbrother, Trustee

Lynn LaValley, Trustee

Jill Robinson, Trustee

Also in attendance:   

Michelle Priola, Director   

Lori Wilson- Village of New Berlin Color Committee

Maryellen Canuel- Buildings and Grounds Commissioner

Not in attendance:

Donna Wells

Darla Smith

Start time: 6:00 pm End Time: 6:45 pm   

George Anderson opens the meeting at 6:00pm

Lynn LaValley makes a motion to approve previous meetings minutes seconded by Alan Fairbrother motion carries 5-0.

Michelle welcomes Lori Wilson and Maryellen Canuel to provide a presentation to the Board concerning color choices for the library building exterior.  Lori provides a sample of color options to the Board and general consensus is to go with Downing Stone and Roy Croft Vallum as the two-color combinations preferred by most Board members.  Maryellen also gives a report on the progress of when contractors will be painting the library.  This should occur in the spring of 2023.

Treasury Report

Michelle hands out the Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual form for January through June of 2022 as well as the Balance Sheet for as of June 30, 2022 for review by the Board.  Michelle also updates the Board that Donna is currently looking into other credit card options.

Director’s Report

Michelle updates the Board that she would like to have a book sale the month of October.  Board in agreement with this plan.  Michelle received $780 from sending out Donation Letters.  Summer Reading Program has 57 children registered so far.  5 Perkins Concerts are booked with ads in the newspaper, on social media and via signage.  Total cost of the concert series is $2261.55.  Rebecca Freidman and Sue Ackerman made donations to the library museum of Daisy air riffle BB guns and an Almer Phelps Wheelbarrow respectively.

Michelle introduces the topic of fax pricing, fines and guest passes.  Some discussion occurs but decisions will be made at next meeting when Donna will also be present for input as well.

George Anderson makes a motion to close the meeting at 6:45pm seconded by Jill Robinson motion carries 5-0.