New Berlin Library Minutes for October 30th 2019 Special Meeting

In attendance:

George Anderson, President

Darla Smith, Vice President

Donna Wells, Treasurer  

Angelica Schmidt, Secretary  

Alan Fairbrother, Trustee

Also in attendance:  

Michelle Priola, Director  

Not in attendance:

Lynn LaValley- Trustee

Start time: 6:03 End Time: 6:12 pm  

George Anderson calls the meeting to order at 6:03 pm. 

George Anderson brought to the Board’s attention that trustee Lori Wilson had not completed the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training by the deadline required by New York State.  George also brought to the Board’s attention that Lori had only attended 1 out of 6 of this year’s Board meetings which, per the bylaws is in excess of absences allowed.  The drafted letter informing Lori of her removal from the Board was then read aloud to the Board.  Board in agreement that this letter was accurate and appropriate. Motion made by Darla Smith to remove Lori Wilson from the Board of Trustees and approve sending the letter informing Lori Wilson of such before November 1st elections.  This motion was seconded Alan Fairbrother and also approved by remaining Board 5-0.


Donna Wells makes a motion to close the meeting at 6:12pm, seconded by Darla Smith, motion passes 5-0.