May 1st 2019 New Berlin Library Emergency Minutes: Radiator Estimates.

In attendance:

George Anderson- president

Darla Smith- vice president

Donna Wells- treasurer

Angelica Schmidt- secretary

Alan Fairbrother- trustee

Lynn LaValley- trustee

Also in attendance:

Michelle Priola- Director

Not in attendance:

Lori Wilson- trustee

Donna Wells makes a motion to start the meeting at 6:00pm

Michelle Priola reviews with the Board the 2 estimates for radiator system installation.  Discussion about the Blue Ox estimate vs. The Avolio Brothers estimate.  General agreement that the Blue Ox estimate will work best for the library.  George Anderson makes a motion to send the required down-payment to Blue Ox so they can begin installation and to pay in full upon completion per the terms of the estimate seconded by Lynn LaValley motion passes 6-0.

Donna Wells makes a motion to close the meeting at 6:02pm seconded by Darla Smith, motion passes 6-0.