While doing research in the archived Gazette collection I found a surprise, a stack of 57 letters to Santa dated 1977.

Below are the names of the letter writers. Some handwriting was faded or hard to read, if your name is misspelled I apologize.

Anderson, Eric
Aylesworth, Mike
Beadle, Artie
Bice, Ande
Blaisure, Jason & Becky
Borst, Randy
Burdick, Paula
Camp, Erin
Camp, Tim
Carmen, Sam
Carpenter, Michael
Chapin, Becky
Christian, Michele
Christian, Thomas
Crandall, Gary
Ellis, Shannon
Emrich, Allen
Figger, Christopher
Figger, Kimberly
Figger, Michael
Fisher, Henry
Foster, Steven
Frink, Billy
Hamilton, Sheri
Hanley, Sue Ann
Hardy, Linda
Hoag, Tony
Holmes, Jim
Houghton, Ellie Anne
Houghton, Mike
King, Kim
Lobdell, Jeffrey
Ludwig, Ray
Matteson. Jeanne
Moore, Clara
Motyka, Mary
Nesbitt, Tina Marie
Novak, Jason
Patterson, Jason
Peek ,William
Perrigo, Melissa
Persons, Randy
Phillips, Debbie
Pope, Diana
Porter, Krista
Ray, Gary
Reidenbach, Jason
Saranto, Joe
Schrag, Wade and Brett
Sherwood, Renee
Sperry, Lisa
Stevens, Dennis
Thomson, Bill
Wolz, Eric

Letters with no last name:
Krista (Rd #3 Box 82)
Stan (Rd #1 Box 92)

Contact the library of you want your letter.