January 31, 2018 Meeting

In attendance:

Julie Baltich

Donna Wells

Alan Fairbrother

Darla Smith

Also in attendance:

Michelle Priola, Director

Not in attendance:

George Anderson

Lori Wilson

Angelica Schmidt

Meeting brought to order 6:04 PM.

Motion made by Donna Wells to approve the November Minutes and the January Special Meeting Minutes. Motion seconded by Julie Baltich. Motion passed 4-0.

Motion made to approve the January bills made by Darla Smith and seconded by Julie Baltich. Motion passed 4-0.

Treasurer’s Report

As of December 31, 2017 the Fund Balance is $198 964.41. That includes CDs in the amount of $161,869.66 and savings account balance of $29,523.99. A $75,000 CD due February 1, 2018 is being renewed for another year at one and a half percent interest. In 2017 the library had net income of $7474.08.

990 will be completed this weekend.

W2 and W3 copies have been mailed.

Director’s Report

After School program continues to be successful and Chobani is continuing to donate Yogurt.

Michelle has been attending Webinars and SMIG (Social Media) Meeting and going to work on a Social Media Policy for the library.

Spring Tea on May 4 @ 2.

Mother’s Day Basket approved. Donations needed by March 16. Raffle pulled at Spring Tea.

Board approved travel expenses for a 4CLS meeting in Oneonta during April.

RCR repairs and back camera installation completed.

We had a young woman volunteer through ATI (Alternatives to Incarceration) for 20 hours. She completed all 20 hours and it was a good experience.

Porch repair scheduled for February.

Office wall repair was completed by the village.

Discussion about the requirement of Social Security Numbers for Children to get a library card. Motion made by Donna Wells to no longer require Social Security Number for Children. Seconded by Darla Smith. Motion passed 4-0.

Computers to be set up by 4CLS on February 6, 2018.

ERoom Purchase of 2 new shelves. Remove bin to Literacy Room and put bookshelves under windows in the Spring.

Discovery of WWII coins in the Director’s desk that are now placed in the Museum.

OCI (Oklahoma Correction Institute) to digitalize yearbooks free of charge. Motion made by Donna Wells and seconded by Julie Baltich . Motion passed 4-0.

Perkins checks received and scheduling for Perkins Summer Program has begun.

Annual Report reviewed by the board.

New Business

Discussion of a decrease in the State budget for Libraries. Request made to write representatives to oppose decrease.

An announcement that Richard Fallis has resigned as Director of the Edmeston Free Library effective February 3, 2018, and he will be available as needed for subshifts.

Motion made to close the meeting by Donna Wells and seconded by Alan Fairbrother. Motion passed 4-0. Meeting closed at 6:34 PM.