Fairview is open for Curbside Pickup!

Fairview Public Library will begin offering patrons curbside delivery of books starting on Wednesday, May 20th. At this time, patrons will NOT be able to enter the library. The procedure to access new materials is as follows:

1.Patrons may contact the library via phone (845 586 3791) or email at director@fairviewlibrary.org and request materials. Please note that Four County Library System is not currently making deliveries so there are no inter-library loans available. Materials are limited to those owned by Fairview Public Library.

2.If you have placed a request by phone, the library staff will indicate when the material will be available. If you have sent an email, staff will call when materials are ready for pick up.

3.Please pull into the driveway and call the library. Staff will bring the books out to you. If you do not have a cell phone, knock on the library door. Once staff has acknowledged that they have seen you, you may return to your car and staff will bring out books.

Book handling:
1.Please return books via the book return slot.

2.Books returned are quarantined for 24 – 48 hours. Then they are cleaned with antibacterial wipes and quarantined for another 24-48 hours before they re-enter circulation. This procedure meets the guidelines of both the CDC and Northeast Document Conservation Center.

3.Before and after handling books for patron pick up, staff will be sanitizing their hands either through vigorous hand washing or using alcohol based hand sanitizer. This includes cleaning hands prior to pulling books from the shelf, prior to carrying books to the car and after delivering books to patron vehicles; hands will be cleaned at every step of the process.

NOTE: staff will be wearing masks as they handle materials for delivery to your vehicle to ensure that you will be safe.

Currently, curbside delivery will be available Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 3 pm as we only have one staff member in the building. We are hopeful that we can begin to offer more hours and more services in the coming days.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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