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Library Policies

Borrowing Policy
  • Books and Audio Books can be checked out for 3 weeks.
  • DVDs can be checked out for 1 week.
  • For your convenience, books can be renewed over the phone during library hours or online at 4cls.org 24/7.
  • During off hours, books can be returned by using the drop box located on the Chenango Street side of the building.
  • A $3 fee will be charged to replace a patron's borrower card.
Confidentiality- All records of the borrowers of this Library will be confidential information.  No employee, trustee, or volunteer shall make known any circulation, loan, or personal information. Fines & Overdue Notification Policies
  • The fine for overdue books will be a voluntary contribution from the patron.
  • The patron will be notified by telephone when materials are 1 week overdue.  Patron's will be called weekly thereafter.  At 4 weeks a written notice of delinquency will be sent to the patron and will include a bill for items.  The patron will not be able to check out items at the Fenton Free Library or any other Four County Library System library.
  • Patrons carrying a fine of $5 on their account will not be able to check out or place item(s) on hold until the fines are paid.
  • If a book, magazine, or A/V material is lost or damaged to the extent that it is not suitable for circulation, the patron will be charged the current replacement cost and a hold will be placed on their library card until the bill is paid.
Use of Public Access Computer
  • Patron's may use the computer during library hours.
  • Patron's must sign the computer log book to use the computer.
  • Patron's may use the computer for one half hour.  If no other patron is waiting to use the computer the original user may continue to a maximum time of one hour.
  • Patron's may not access pornography or other noxious materials.
  • Price to print from computer will be $.25 per page.
  • Misuse of the computer will result in termination of privileges at the discretion of the library staff.
  • One half hour before library closing time, the library staff will shut the computer off as part of the library closing procedure.
Patron Behavior Patrons at the Fenton Free Library shall behave in a socially acceptable manner and follow Fenton Free Library Policies. A patron may be warned and subsequently asked to leave the library for the following behaviors:
  • Smoking
  • Inebriation
  • Loud, intrusive, menacing, and threatening behavior
  • Entering private work spaces without permission from the staff
  • Not following computer policy
  • Harassing or stalking the staff ( a course of conduct done again and again that causes fear of physical harm or fear of harm to property)
  • Theft or damage to Fenton Free Library property
*The Code of Conduct Policy is available upon request. The staff shall determine if a patron is exhibiting one or more behaviors above.  The patron will be warned by a staff member, the library director, or a Board member in a non-confrontational manner.  If the behavior(s) persist that day or another day, the patron will he asked to leave and not return for a period of time specified by the library director.    

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