Friends of the Village Library

Friends of the Village Library

Become a Friend of the Village Library If you value the library and recognize its importance to our community, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution by clicking on Volunteer and filling out our printer friendly donation form. Thank you!
                           FOVL Officers

President: Karen Katz

Vice-President: Lynne Mebust

Secretary: Bill Oliver

Treasurer: Robert Seward

Sunday Afternoon Programs:
Lynne Mebust, Ashley Cooper

The mission of Friends of the Village Library is to promote cultural literacy and enhance community engagement in the Cooperstown Village Library through the following measures: advocacy for the Library, direct financial contributions to the Library to support its infrastructure and programs, fund raising and encouragement of  endowments and gifts, and educational and recreational programs.

In 2016, FOVL has worked closely with the Library to sponsor programs and events, and has contributed approximately $40,000 towards capital improvements and other expenses.