Training (Workshops, Articles, and Webinars)

Four County Library System maintains a list of opportunities for learning more about software, hardware, personnel management, library services, and other topics relevant to libraries.  Please note:  Inclusion in this list is not an endorsement.

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Training Opportunities for 2018

1/10/18 – Introduction to Finding Grants – Grantspace – Free Webinar

1/10/18 – Citations Needed: Build Your Wikipedia Skills While Building the World’s Encyclopedia – WebJunction – Free Webinar

1/11/18 – Engaging the Volunteer of the Future – Learning Center – Free Webinar

1/12/18 – Community Engagement and Fund Raising – American Libraries – Free Webinar

1/17/18 – Bigger on the Inside: Programming for Small Spaces – Programming Librarian – Free Webinars

1/18/18 – The Opiate Crisis: What Libraries Can Do – InfoPeople – Free Webinar

1/24/18 – Google This! The Research Process Revisited – – Free Webinar

2/28/28 – Introduction to Dialogue & Deliberation for Public Libraries Serving Small, Mid-Sized and/or Rural Communities – Programming Librarian – Free Webinar

3/7/18 – Facilitating Constructive Contributions: Dealing with Difficult Behaviors; Helping People Share from a Better Place – InfoPeople – Free Webinar

3/14/18 – Growing Your Library’s Role: Creating a Community Garden with Impact – Programming Librarian – Free Webinar

4/25/18 –  Future Search (Series 3 for Public Libraries Serving Small, Mid-Sized and/or Rural Communities: 2 of 3) – Programming Librarian – Free Webinar

5/23/18 – Conversation Café (Series 3 for Public Libraries Serving Small, Mid-Sized and/or Rural Communities: 3 of 3) – Programming Librarian – Free Webinar

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